Closing Reports (CR)


CR is the service for all republic and local budget users of Serbia to record, view and manage various mandatory corporate periodical financial reports in collaborative manner. This is critical government service working 24/7 and serving tens of thousands of organizations each hosting multiple users.

CR provides collaboration of users from various state bodies for the purpose of efficient creation of financial reports within the given legally defined deadlines. The system, through a multi-level reporting hierarchy, allows the parent budget users to see the reports of its affiliated organizations and use them to consolidate their own reports.

In addition to the above, CR is the central archive of current and historical financial reports for all government agencies.

Today, creation of financial reports is done in minutes and involves few people - prior to the implementation of this system, the entire process was taking months and involved hundreds of people.

Project details


Greenfield project

Official name

ISPFI (Informacioni sistem za podnošenje finansijskih izveštaja)

Production Date

2021 - ongoing


ASP.NET Core 5, Docker, GitLab, PowerShell, Vue.js, Node, Pester, MkDocs, Chocolatey, PostgreSql, Linux, Windows, InfluxDb, Grafana


100% REST, SOA with 4 services, NoCloud