Local Budget Execution Control (LOBE)


Local budget execution control is an information system for monitoring, control and reporting on the realization and execution of the budget of local self-government units. The fundamental idea of the project is the existence of a central digital information system that provides insight into the budgets of local governments, available funds by appropriations, and also execution control up to the amounts available on appropriations.

Project details


Greenfield project

Official name

ISIB AP JLS (Informacioni sistem izvršenja budžeta autonomnih pokrajina i jedinica lokalne samouprave)

Production Date

2021 - ongoing


ASP.NET 5, GitLab, PowerShell, Vue.js, Node, Pester, MkDocs, Chocolatey, Docker, PostgreSql, Rundeck, Windows, Nginx, IIS, InfluxDb, Grafana, Linux,


100% REST, SOA with 6 services, NoCloud