Our mission is to create innovative products and transform overhaul government's digital landscape

Software development

Complete in-house development cycle

KnowIT is engaged in the development of enterprise software solutions, where our developers are involved in all aspects and phases of an entire production development process - from project requirements to commercial production.

Methodologies and technologies

Our technology stack incorporates primarily FOSS technologies, we are guided by the Twelve-Factor App development methodology and concepts such as monorepo and infrastructure as source code. This approach includes complete automation of all processes with cross-platform and host-agnostic delivery to on-premise containers or virtual machines. We do not support legacy systems.

Supportive technologies

The enterprise services we develop serve a large number of users, so high-availability is one of the primary project requirements. All production environments implement complete on-premise observability that includes ELK stack, TIG stack as well as a host of other internal and FOSS tools.

Implementation and integration of IT systems

Our system engineers can optimize your current infrastructural setup or help you migrate to a brand new solution.
Create your own custom configuration and we will guide your transition to a scalable, high-availability fault-tolerant architecture.

Computer networks and communications

KnowIT provides best IT network infrastructure solutions. We will be your partner and advisor when choosing solutions from our partnering market leading IT companies.

Consulting services