Treasury Online Payments (TOP)


Treasury Online Payments is the online banking system for all budget users of Serbia. This is core financial service in Serbia with highest expectations, working 24/7 and handling 20M+ of payment orders per year. The main goal of the project is to provide stable and performant payment experience, something that previous two incarnations spanning over 20 years didn't manage to achieve.

The most important functionalities are:

- Independent creation and management of user accounts for your own organization
- Collaborate multiple users while creating and updating payment orders and sending them to execution
- Insight into the balance sheet and account changes
- Download bank account statements in multiple formats: XML, PDF and TXT
- Preservation of all historical data
- Ability to work on portable devices

Project details


Brownfield project

Official name

ePP (Elektronski platni promet)

Production Date

2021 - ongoing


ASP.NET 5, GitLab, PowerShell, Vue.js, Node, Pester, MkDocs, Chocolatey, MS Sql Server, Rundeck, Nginx, IIS, InfluxDb, Grafana, Linux, Windows.


100% REST, SOA with 7 services, NoCloud